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Building the Outer Boroughs


If any of you still check in to this site, I thought you might be interested in attending this symposium I’m organizing.  It’s taking place in the Tanger Auditorium in the Library on March 23.  For more information, click here.  RSVP to 

Marine Park

I know this is my second blog about a golf course, but Marine Park Golf Course is very, very unique. The windswept landscape is very out of place stateside.. typically courses look like this in the United Kingdom. The course is sandy, and dune like… catching a lot of wind and weather off Shell Bank Creek.marine park

Church of Saint Bernard

I came across this church sometime ago but kept forget to post it. I didn’t get to take pictures inside the church but the inside of the church has a big circular room where the chancel is held which makes it feel more open and relax compared to just straight rows of seats in a cubed building.

Vertical Gardens


I came across several images of these buildings and decided to look more into it, and then share with you guys what I found. Personally I find these to be really interesting sights. My interest and searching brought me to the website of Patrick Blanc who is a French Botanist who brings architecture and nature together in his projects. Everyone should take some time to check out this website, there are some really amazing buildings that he has taken a part in creating.

Broadway junction


I wanted to post this image back when we were talking about transportation in class but never got around to it. This was an image i took for my photo 1 class last semester on Broadway junction waiting for the train. While waiting for the train at this station what is alaways interesting to me is the twist and turns of the several train tracks. Transportation is such a vital part of New York, and even the simple view of the tracks can be an interesting one.

650 Broadway


So I was taking a cab down Broadway and I realized something as I was people watching: people never actually look up at buildings in these heavily commercialized areas like NoHo or the East Village, they kind of just look at the store front and either go in and take part in New York City capitalist culture, or they keep looking at other stores and stroll along. In witnessing this, I realized that I’m also guilty of ignoring the architecture above stores like All Saints, Madewell and Urban Outfitters.

Thankfully, my view from the cab was perfect for looking up at buildings without breaking my neck. This one in particular captured my eye, 650 Broadway.

The tacky and dirty Wendy’s awning is such an eye sore and so intentionally disruptive to draw in customers that it is nearly impossible to appreciate the unfinished Corinthian capitals along with the rustic facade above the establishment with large window panels and curved arches. Its a shame to know that these Gothic features and wonderful vertical aesthetic go unnoticed day-to-day at no fault of our own, falling victim to capitalism and consumerist culture.

Old Photos of Bay Ridge

Here is a link to find old photos of places throughout New York City. I specifically choose the neighborhood Bay Ridge because this was what I researched on my essay.


The photo above shows the entrance to the 77th street R train station on 4th ave.



The picture above is a photograph of my high school, Fort Hamilton High School. The school is located on Narrows and 85th street. This school was built in the 1940s, I don’t really see much change at all compared to the last time I biked passed it.




Here is a picture on the corner of 5th Ave and Bay Ridge Avenue/69th Street. We can see Alpine Cinema, trolleys, and their tracks. Those tracks are all gone now and had been replaced with the B63 bus that takes passengers from Cobble Hill to Shore Road.