650 Broadway


So I was taking a cab down Broadway and I realized something as I was people watching: people never actually look up at buildings in these heavily commercialized areas like NoHo or the East Village, they kind of just look at the store front and either go in and take part in New York City capitalist culture, or they keep looking at other stores and stroll along. In witnessing this, I realized that I’m also guilty of ignoring the architecture above stores like All Saints, Madewell and Urban Outfitters.

Thankfully, my view from the cab was perfect for looking up at buildings without breaking my neck. This one in particular captured my eye, 650 Broadway.

The tacky and dirty Wendy’s awning is such an eye sore and so intentionally disruptive to draw in customers that it is nearly impossible to appreciate the unfinished Corinthian capitals along with the rustic facade above the establishment with large window panels and curved arches. Its a shame to know that these Gothic features and wonderful vertical aesthetic go unnoticed day-to-day at no fault of our own, falling victim to capitalism and consumerist culture.


One thought on “650 Broadway

  1. Very true. Before even getting to your description, I was a little startled by the Wendy’s awning as well. The past and present collide and the machine marches on. Still, glad you were able to capture it, I too would have likely passed by it.


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