Broadway junction


I wanted to post this image back when we were talking about transportation in class but never got around to it. This was an image i took for my photo 1 class last semester on Broadway junction waiting for the train. While waiting for the train at this station what is alaways interesting to me is the twist and turns of the several train tracks. Transportation is such a vital part of New York, and even the simple view of the tracks can be an interesting one.


2 thoughts on “Broadway junction

  1. I really appreciate the posters from artist around the city to look at on the crowded commute. It re-contextualizes traveling on MTA trains and buses into something that’s more pleasing and vibrant, and it’s more aesthetically pleasing than some ads. Cuts some of the stress from the experience.

    Like the MTA artist posters, this photograph re-contextualizes the subway. Through the way the subway cars were captured, you can see a poetry and artistry to machines. The repetition and geometry coming together in a pleasing composition. It’s a new thing to look for/ appreciate while I’m waiting for the next train.


  2. Wow~ how cool. This photograph has a lot of nostalgia to it. It’s hard to believe it was taken recently. The black and white really creates a clean look. The composition is really lovely – I also feel this photograph could be a advertisement.


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