Skylight and Art at Atlantic Station


The head house that was moved and restore to become a skylight in one of NY city busiest subway stations. I never paid any mind to it, till I took this class and now I wonder more about NYC and its incredible culture and history. Here is some info on the Headhouse and the art being displayed there by Trakas.


Hook, Line, and Sinker by George Trakas, in collaboration with diDomenico and Partners, installed in 2004. “Hook (Archean Reach)” is polished and thermal granite installed along the walls of the transfer corridor. “Line (Sea House)” is brushed steel and limestone hanging under the original headhouse which now serves as a skylight. “Sinker (Mined Swell)” of Rockville granite is installed down the middle of the stairway from southbound platform to transfer corridor.


The Atlantic Avenue entrance building, for example, was abandoned and in rough shape. But MTA shored up the structure, moved it, and placed it above the station’s mezzanine several years ago, where it was converted into a skylight for the area below.

This is the 1908 Heins and LaFarge station headhouse, meticulously restored in the early 2000s after decades of neglect. This was once the IRT’s furthest peneration into Brooklyn and it got a distinctive stationhouse for that honor. It’s a glorified skylight these days. In the background are some of the shops at Atlantic Terminal, which rose in the early 2000s courtesy of Forest City ratner, which is also attempting to develop the controversial Atlantic Yards project. JD,_Line,_and_Sinker_(George_Trakas)


1776 lighting up at night

A view of the 1WTC or the freedom tower as a lot of New Yorkers call it. I tried my best at catching a good glimpse of the tower lighting up as the sun was setting. I think this might be the best view while on the FDR. I did some research and found that the final plan consisted of 7 new buildings to be erected, after the terrorists attacks on 9/11. I thought there were only 4 new buildings but I was wrong. learning something new today. ohh, the title 1776 is the height of the building and also the year the declaration of independence was sign. As you can see on the pics the building is turning on the lights.

Kings Theatre

Kings Theatre.jpg

Driving on Flatbush with crazy traffic and I found a jewel! Kings Theater is looking awesome, great relief work that emphasizes the beauty of the building. After taking the picture I went looking for pictures of the old beat down theater and found some, amazing what some TLC can do. From my quick research I found out that this historic structure brought pride and prestige to Brooklyn in a small way.