Hostile Architecture?

I found this article about how designs in public spaces are used to avert the homeless and other unwanted visitors. The designs are subtle yet send a clear message, the article is interesting and raises questions about how these messages translate to society. You can read more here:


Prospect Park History

Here are some old photos from the Prospect Park Alliance Instagram page. The first is of James O’Hara the park shepherd who worked there for 35yrs., retiring in 1919. Sheep were used to maintain the lawns in the past and this month on May 16th the park will be bringing in goats for the same purpose. You can read more about that here:


Prospect Park Pavilion

The Oriental Pavilion in Prospect Park has had a long life with many incarnations. Currently it is slated for a $2 mil. restoration project. Who knows what it will be next. It was closed off in 2014 for safety due to the state of deterioration. These photos give an up close, insider view of the columns, corner facades and most spectacular of all the stained glass windows in the center.