American Telephone and Telegraph Building

unnamed109911515 Found this great outdoor(!) alcove/entrance with a ceiling mosaic just chilling on a corner in the financial district, at 75 Broad Street. Under the mosaic it says “International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation.” I thought, “the globes remind me of the AT&T logo,” and then I looked up the building when I got home and put two and two together. I had no idea AT&T stood for American Telephone and Telegraph. Almost makes me want to switch carriers, if I can get unlimited telegraphing. I took the photo at night, but I wanted a daylight perspective too, so I found this beautiful one online.

Daylight photo copyright Mark Klinchin from his Panoramio page:


Corner of Room 5313 Boylan Hall


In between the windows and the projector screen.

It’s funny how the shape of a room affects your awareness of the architecture of the building you’re in. I feel the architecture of Boylan Hall more acutely in room 5313 because the shelves are shaped and curtailed by the oblique angle of the building’s structure. It’s fitting that I feel the architecture more in this room, considering it’s the room our class is in.