Marine Park

I know this is my second blog about a golf course, but Marine Park Golf Course is very, very unique. The windswept landscape is very out of place stateside.. typically courses look like this in the United Kingdom. The course is sandy, and dune like… catching a lot of wind and weather off Shell Bank Creek.marine park


The Verazzano Bridge View


Dyker Beach Golf Course is one of the oldest golf courses in the US and second oldest in NYC, behind Van Cortlandt, in the Bronx (Wiki). This is a view of the Verrazzano Bridge from Dyker Beach Golf Course in Dyker Heights – It’s interesting to think in the late 1800s when this course was built – the surrounding area, housesm buildings, skyline etc.. would have looked drastically different – definitely no Verrazzano Bridge! This course is a big part of the urban recreation here in Brooklyn.


Kenilworth Pl. Baptist Church

20160208_132002.jpgThis is a picture of the Kenilworth Pl. Baptist Church close to campus – I think it’s an interesting topic for discussion. Being from South Carolina this reminds me of a typical rural church you’d find almost anywhere throughout the low-country. It’s extremely vernacular in design and so radically different than most churches you encounter in the area, though it’s simplicity is fantastic! I enjoy seeing this structure on my way to and from Brooklyn College