Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Center


When I went to the Salt Marsh Nature Center at Marine Park, what struck me was how it seemed as if I was no longer in the city. It reminded me of conversations we had in class about parks and the idea of concealing oneself from the city. These parks definitely have a sense of being elsewhere. It is definitely strange to think that there are nature trails right here in Brooklyn.


Central Park


I come here to this building often for work, located by 16 W 68th St in Manhattan. I like this particular building, or rather find this building interesting, because of the variety of elements on the façade. This building is located right by Central Park, so I like the contrast of the older style buildings in juxtaposition of newer skyscrapers.

The Manhattan Bridge


I really like this part of DUMBO because it’s by the water and overlooks Manhattan. The bridges help give the area a sense of being a liminal place. The area is also lively and people are always moving, and I know Manhattan is the same way on the other side of the water. I used to ride the train over the Manhattan Bridge every day looking over Brooklyn, so it’s interesting to be on the other side of things.