Vertical Gardens


I came across several images of these buildings and decided to look more into it, and then share with you guys what I found. Personally I find these to be really interesting sights. My interest and searching brought me to the website of Patrick Blanc who is a French Botanist who brings architecture and nature together in his projects. Everyone should take some time to check out this website, there are some really amazing buildings that he has taken a part in creating.


Broadway junction


I wanted to post this image back when we were talking about transportation in class but never got around to it. This was an image i took for my photo 1 class last semester on Broadway junction waiting for the train. While waiting for the train at this station what is alaways interesting to me is the twist and turns of the several train tracks. Transportation is such a vital part of New York, and even the simple view of the tracks can be an interesting one.

Bowling Green

Tomorrow is our trip to the Financial District, starting off with the visit to Bowling Green. There we will be able to see one of New York’s  oldest parks, and learn about the history of the area. Here are some images of the oldest park in New York, to prepare for the visit.