Taking a Cue from the Past

I work in the Meatpacking District and have been watching as the neighborhood has changed during recent years. I find it interesting that so many of the new developments seem to reinterpret the aesthetics of the area’s historic buildings. Notably, this condo development at 122 Greenwich Avenue reminds me of an updated version of the nearby Starrett-Lehigh building!

1jacksonsquare  starettlehigh


Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Center


When I went to the Salt Marsh Nature Center at Marine Park, what struck me was how it seemed as if I was no longer in the city. It reminded me of conversations we had in class about parks and the idea of concealing oneself from the city. These parks definitely have a sense of being elsewhere. It is definitely strange to think that there are nature trails right here in Brooklyn.

Central Park


I come here to this building often for work, located by 16 W 68th St in Manhattan. I like this particular building, or rather find this building interesting, because of the variety of elements on the façade. This building is located right by Central Park, so I like the contrast of the older style buildings in juxtaposition of newer skyscrapers.

The Manhattan Bridge


I really like this part of DUMBO because it’s by the water and overlooks Manhattan. The bridges help give the area a sense of being a liminal place. The area is also lively and people are always moving, and I know Manhattan is the same way on the other side of the water. I used to ride the train over the Manhattan Bridge every day looking over Brooklyn, so it’s interesting to be on the other side of things.

Photographs of NYC

Here are some photographs I’ve shot over the past year of sites or building types we’ve studied in this course.


Brooklyn Piers


Housing Projects on Ocean Parkway


50th street Btwn 5th and 6th Avenue in Manhattan


Towers on 34th street on the West side of Manhattan


Cobble Stone road, Canal and Mercer St.


Looking down at circulation on the L train platform at Broadway Junction


Brooklyn Army Terminal


Old Sears tower on Bedford Avenue


Looking out to Bowling Green from the National Museum of the American Indian